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Our Story

Based in the Heart of the famous City of Hyderabad, The well-known DINE HILL Restaurant is situated on the Road No : 1, Banjara Hills Near the Masa Tank, Thus giving the visitor an easy approach for visit. 

The DINE HILL was started by Mr Hussain, with the sole intention of making available, the one-of-a-kind exotic food items which were not only unique in their delicate preparation but also were new for the food lovers of Hyderabad, Thereby instantly prompting  Mr. Hussain(a food lover himself )  to immediately cater and give the people, a Lip smacking experience to remember. Only then it was noted that his introduction was not only the most talked about by the people of the Twin Cities, but also the very Elite started ordering his exclusive dishes. Moreover it was found that the Famous GRILLED CHICKEN served with Special Garlic Sauce which was one of the most sought after dish, was the first preference for people who were Weight watchers because the chicken was drained off  all its fat contents during its slow and steady baking in the grill baking oven, thus making it maximum fat free. It not only became an instant Hit, but also had people ordering well in advance not to miss it just in case. The Kapsa is also one of the most unique Rice and Chicken dish that has its roots in the Arab World. Mr. Hussain personally gets the dishes prepared in his presence to make sure the delicate touch is maintained and moreover because of his vast experience in the catering field, he takes to preparations for bulk orders for Marriages and Parties on request. Apart from the INDO-ARABIC Dishes, the DINE HILL delivers Chinese treats for Chinese food lovers and also other famous Hyderabadi dishes. DINE HILL also has occasional Celebrations by giving new menus for Weekends or on certain days for anxious people to try his additional new introductions.

Thus The DINE HILL moves with one goal, " To Give The People The Best and Tastiest New and Rare Treats. "